Handcrafted Materials for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd
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Our Story

We’ve Been Building Custom CGS Works Since 2007

Married in 1977, we worked side by side building our own house. Then when the boys started school, we became room parents, making wooden projects for each child in the class. Over the years we have enjoyed working together on all kinds of projects. Then in 2007, we were introduced to the CGS program! We quickly got into building all the materials. Realizing many people would like help with their materials, we decided to help. We would love to help you get your atrium up and running.

Our Mission

There is a need for beautifully built CGS works and you don’t have the time to create them but we do and we love to do it.

Our Vision

We wanted to use our time and talent to help with the work we love. We use the money you give us to pay for the works we build. Anything left over we donate to various CGS programs in our diocese that need our help.

Materials for praying with children

It is our dream for everyone that wants the material to have it! Please let me know if money is ever a reason for not getting it!

Toddler Materials

Level I Materials

our most popular CGS Materials

  • The Cenacle/ Last Supper Set


    The Cenacle/ Last Supper Set

    • Includes 13 hand painted peg doll figures
    • A wood table that measures 9” x 3”
    • Cenacle (upper room)/ Last Supper diorama
    • Large drawer under it that wonderfully fits all included pieces
    • Diorama measures 15” wide x 8” deep x 9” tall.
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  • Level I Procession Cross


    Level I Procession Cross

    • Procession Cross with the beautiful image of the San Damiano Cross featuring the risen Christ stands 32” tall and the cross is ¾” thick
    • Includes a 5” base in which it stands upright.
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  • The Precious Pearl


    The Precious Pearl

    • Wood-stained “house” that has a door that opens and closes
    • 2D hand-painted merchant figure
    • Small rug,
    • Table
    • 3 baskets full of pearls
    • A shell with one pearl
    • Measures 7” long x 15” wide x 6” tall.
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  • The Good Shepherd


    The Good Shepherd

    • Sheepfold with a fence and gate that opens and closes
    • Ten 2D figures of the sheep
    • 2D Good Shepherd figure
    • Includes a beautiful wood box lined with felt.
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These are excellent bible story-telling sets for children. The figures are a perfect size for small hands, are all very well made, very sturdy, durable, beautifully painted, and true to the character they represent. The price is also very good. I highly recommend this product for families with small children and any organization which would deal with young children.

My daughter loved the sets for her children, ages 3, 5, and 7. A great illustration for telling the stories of the bible while capturing a child’s imagination. This has become my 3-year-old granddaughter’s favorite thing! She plays with them every time she’s at our house and tells the stories over and over. Thank you we love the sets.


Dick and Jane are incredible people who do outstanding work for a really fair price! It has been a joy to work with them while I established my home atrium. The work they do is so detailed and beautiful that they could charge way more but they do it for the love of the Good Shepherd and the children whose lives are touched by this work! I would highly recommend anything they have made!


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